Hope Support Centre
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Who would ever think that the shy boy who usually sits in a corner would come out to be the spelling bee champion of his entire Year 2 class?  

Indeed, there is more to Lorenzo Mendes that meets the eye.

Enzo, as he is fondly called, has always been a survivor. Losing both his parents in a vehicular accident a year ago left him devastated and the trauma caused him to be mute for several months. Being an only child, his closest kin is an aunt who is married with three young kids.

The Hope Support Centre became Enzo’s support group, which his aunt was thankful for as she does not know how to help him. 

With the help of a trauma specialist and a child psychologist that Hope Support Centre has provided, he has at last broke free from his trauma and accepted the fate that befell him. Through a series of counseling sessions and interventions, he has accepted the untimely demise of his parents and has started talking as well.

Enzo has a penchant for reading ever since he was a toddler. This helped him grow his vocabulary, giving him the edge in the spelling bee contest where he swept all rounds. His triumph was the victory of everybody else including those who have been sponsoring the Hope Support Centre all these years.