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The Hope Support Centre began as a small project by its director, Misha Hawpa. Being the third of seven siblings, Mish enjoyed a happy childhood in her big (and often loud) family. Although they had financial struggles, the family managed to get by with her father then working as a contractor, and her mother as a clerk.

Misha always dreamt of becoming an architect. After graduating high school with honours, Misha quickly planned her next steps for the future. She had to choose between working part-time at a local fast food to finance her college education, or not go to college at all.

She bravely and tenaciously juggled school and work for a year. But in her second year, Misha was at a crossroads. Her classes demanded longer hours and study time, and her job as a waitstaff didn't allow her the flexibility to come and go as she needed. It quickly became a question of whether or not she should drop out of the university.

Fortunately, Misha was referred by a cousin to a local non-profit organisation that offered financial aid to college students. Misha quickly applied and soon qualified for a two-year scholarship.

Through her scholarship, Misha eventually graduated and is now a partner at a local architectural firm. She's grateful to have received the financial support she got as a young college student.

Misha created the Hope Support Centre in the hopes to pay the favour forward to more kids all over NZ. With her team of partners and volunteers, the organisation has been able to help over 50 children go to school and be provided with all their needs for quality learning.

The Hope Support Centre hopes to help thousands more with the help of supporters and donations.

The Hope Support Centre Timeline

  • LATE 2016

    First Steps

    Mish starts taking steps to transform her idea of sending kids to school and dedicated to making the Hope Support Centre a reality

  • OCT 2017


    Following a segment on Seven Sharp, the Hope Support Centre received inquiries from people all over New Zealand asking how to become a supporter or how to become a grantee.

  • MID 2017

    Our Board

    Misha and a group of like minded and dedicated supporters form the Hope Support Centre Board

  • AUG 2017

    Online Presence

    The Hope Support Centre Facebook page is gathering attention and the Hope Support Centre Website launched

  • SEP 2017


    Hope Support Centre gets it's Certificate of Incorporation which gets us on track for becoming an official charity

  • JAN 2018

    Charity Status

    Hope Support Centre is granted Official Charity status!

  • AUG 2018


    Working with Kidz First NZ, Jumpstart Education Inc and other organisations, our August referrals for Hope Support reached a record 29 supporters

  • SEP 2018

    Database Growth

    We now have over 80 sponsors helping 60 kids, and we're continuing to grow at a steady pace

"Not having support in their education can be extremely discouraging for kids. It lowers their self-esteem and causes so much stress. I'm happy to be able to provide financial support to the kids under the programme. I hope this small act makes them feel encouraged and motivated to keep going."

hanna - Hannah

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